What is an Integrative Pharmacist?*

An integrative pharmacist is a licensed health care professional who has been educated in the basic sciences of pharmacy and medicine, has graduated from an accredited college of pharmacy, has obtained additional training in and experience with specific integrative/complementary therapies such as herbs, nutritional supplements, acupressure, Healing Touch, homeopathy, and imagery, and is familiar with many other integrative healing modalities and practitioners.

An integrative pharmacist, using this unique educational background, training, and experience, is able to assist patients, physicians, and other health care providers both with conventional drug therapy and with the selection and use of integrative/complementary therapies to enhance care. In this advisory role an integrative pharmacist’s primary concerns are patient safety, efficacy of all therapies, appropriate use of evidence-based information, and the fostering of patient responsibility for individual health care choices.

* This definition is the work of Brian J. Ellinoy, Pharm.D. and may not necessarily be similar to the ideas of other health professionals or professional organizations.