Recommended Integrative-Oriented Practitioners

Dr. Ellinoy recommends only those practitioners who have cared for him, members of his family, or his clients. As a result, he is quite knowledgeable about their professional competence, their communication skills, healing philosophy, work-style, quality of office staff, and commitment to integrative care, important factors to consider when seeking a provider who will best support one's unique healing journey.

All recommended Integrative-oriented Practitioners listed are being provided solely to users of™ as a convenience and™ does not and cannot guarantee or warranty the services provided by said Integrative-oriented Practitioners or any indication of affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement of said Integrative-oriented Practitioners by™ and Dr. Ellinoy. If a user decides to use the services of any of the listed Integrative-oriented Practitioners, the user does so at his or her own risk.


  • Francesca Ferrari, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., M.T.C.M., D.M.Q., M.M.Q. (831-818-3993) (
  • Maureen Manning, L.Ac. (831-373-3038)
  • Koji Okazaki, L.Ac., OMB (831-646-1077)
  • Laura Paris, L.Ac., GCFP (831-655-9611) (
  • Kristan Roth, L.Ac., M.T.C.M. (831-383-9652)
  • Kaz Wegmuller, L.Ac., M.T.C.M. (831-706-6125)

  • Susan & Jeff Turner, (831-375-7626) (Living Ayurveda)
(What is BowenWork?)

  • Meigra Simon, (831-646-2344)
  • Karin Twohig, (831-622-9355)

  • Gordon Gensel, DC(831-333-1513) (
  • Susan Nilmeier, DC (831-375-9582) (831-372-6699)
  • Cynthia and Richard Westbrook, DC (831-373-6004)
Children's Services

  • Ruth Gingerich, PNP, RN (831-624-9679)
Compounding Pharmacy

  • Central Avenue Pharmacy (Dana Gordon, Pharm.D.) (831-373-1225)
  • Ordway Drug (Vince Cardinale, RPH)(831-372-8085)
Craniosacral Therapy

  • Susan Nilmeier, DC (831-375-9582) (831-372-6699)
Eldercare Consultant
Emergency Medicine

  • David Dansky, MD (831-625-4900)
Energy Medicine

  • Gail Robbins, RN (831-277-5454)
Family Medicine

  • Deborah Biller, MD (Big Sur Health Center) (831-667-2580)

  • Sharen Carey, PA (Big Sur Health Center) (831-667-2580)

  • Linda-Lee Myers, MD (831-626-4469)

  • Robert Rosett, MD (831-751-3505)
Healing Touch
Hearing & Balance

  • Gabrielle Mancuso, PhD (831-626-6565)

  • Susan van Stirum, RN (831-659-2091)

  • Mary Welschmeyer, RN, MFT (831-595-2897)
Integrative Manual Therapy
(What is IMT?)

  • Kimberly Burnham, PhD, LMT, CHt, CMe, IMT,C (860-221-8510)

  • Sharon Giammatteo PhD, PT, IMT,C
    Tom Giammatteo DC, PT, IMT,C (860-243-6571) (

  • Kathy Nuss, OTR/L, CHT, IMT,C (831-238-5470)
Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Maren Martin, LCSW (831-375-1134)

  • Mary Welschmeyer, RN, MFT (831-595-2897)

  • Mary Lou Schaeffer, RN, MS, PHN, CMP (831-601-9781)

  • Meigra Simon (831-646-2344)

  • Linda Thompson, CMT (831-206-9239)

  • Susan van Stirum, RN (831-659-2091)
Natural Food Chef
Physical Therapy

  • Lynda Richardson, PT (831-373-5045)

  • Julie Tanaka, PT (831-372-0655) (Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation)

  • Bobby Yee, DPM (831-646-8242)
Psychiatry (Integrative)
Tai Chi
Women's Health

  • Brie Mathers, RYT (831-624-4949)