Integrative Pharmacist Consulting Practice

Dr. Ellinoy's integrative pharmacist consulting practice encompasses fee-based services to both health care providers and individual clients. Health care providers may obtain information/evaluations about nutritional supplements and other complementary therapies or recommendations about integrative care for a specific patient or health condition.

All clients receive an individualized professional evaluation of the nutritional supplements, and other integrative/complementary therapies being used or being considered for use in addition to conventional medical care. Evaluations are tailored to the uniqueness of the client's personal health situation, taking into account medical diagnosis, physical findings, symptoms, test results, and medications. Primary emphasis is on safety, efficacy, and the use of evidenced-based information.

Dr. Ellinoy's recommendations and advice are intended to be carried out under medical supervision, not independently, and serve as an adjunct to conventional medical care, not a replacement for it. Some of the specialized, individualized services offered by Dr. Ellinoy to health care providers and individual clients are the following:

  • Review of all prescription medications, over-the-counter products, herbs and supplements for interactions, side effects, dosage, duplication, and efficacy, with necessary recommendations

  • Evidenced-based information/advice about complementary therapies

  • Assistance in selection of supplements, herbal products, practitioners

  • Evaluation of medication/supplement/herb-related issues

  • Assistance in preparation for hospitalization, pre- and post-op care

  • General nutritional advice

  • Imagery exercises

  • Preventive care recommendations

  • Healing Touch procedures

  • Acupressure techniques

  • Homeopathy considerations