Dr. Ellinoy's Healing Philosophy

Dr. Ellinoy believes that our bodies have an inherent power to heal, and that this power needs to be awakened and utilized as much as possible when dealing with health problems or practicing preventive care. He considers each person's health journey to be sacred, demanding the highest level of integrity, consideration, empathy, and respect. He also finds words and their careful use to be extremely important in the healing process.

Dr. Ellinoy regards a holistic approach, one which nurtures mind, body, and spirit, to be essential in taking advantage of our capacity to heal. Integral to a holistic approach are integrative/complementary therapies, which deserve consideration in addition to conventional care.

As an Integrative Pharmacist, Dr. Ellinoy sees his role as one of assisting clients in accessing and using their innate power to heal in a most positive, caring, thoughtful way. He seeks to facilitate the process by increasing awareness of the universe of integrative/complementary healing options and by providing evidence-based, safe, practical health information and techniques. His goal is to help self-empower clients to make informed choices about their own health, and to incorporate into their conventional care those complementary modalities that are most preferable based on their unique personal needs and life situation.